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800 F3C Fuselage HF8001

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Part Number:HF8001
Accessory 1:
Accessory 2:
Length,Width,Height Lateral view:
?Must with 800E Tail Boom Mount(H80T001XXW) / 800E Metal Tail Torque Tube Unit(H80T003XXW) / 800E Carbon Fiber Tail Boom Set(H80T005XXW) / 800E Carbon Tail Control Rod Assembly(H80T006XXW) / 800E Tail Control Guide(H80T009XXW) / 800E Torque Tube(H80T011XXW).

?The 800 F3C fuselage is designed specifically for T-Rex 700E F3C upgrade to 800 series in competitions. Contrary to other older fuselage designs where assembly and fitting can be difficult, this fuselage can be assembled easily and quickly with the included hardware. 
?The aerodynamic lines of the shark shaped minimizes wind resistance, while stabilizing the helicopter during F3C flight routines and advancing the great performance of T-Rex 700E F3C even higher, achieving total dominance in class P and F of F3C. Custom designed floating fuselage mounting system effectively reduce helicopter vibration and minimize resonance effect; The light weight fiberglass and carbon fiber construction weights only 520g, maintaining the optimal power to weight ratio of the helicopter; Colorful paint scheme ideal for visibility while in the air; Unique quick release design of the fuselage for battery access with removal of just 4 screws; Finally, a low CG landing gear system not only reduce wind resistance during flight, but also contributes to the extraordinary style. This classical fuselage is not to be missed for those who owns a T-Rex 700E. 

?Designed specifically for F3C competitions.
?Unique shark shape which minimizes wind resistance for F3C flight and stabilize the helicopter, allows contestants to excel in static maneuvers as well as superior tracking performance, achieving total dominance of P and F classes in F3C competitions.
?Floating fuselage mounting design to effectively minimize vibration and resonance, achieving even more stable flight.
?Fiberglass and carbon fiber construction to bring the weight down to mere 520g. Equipped with complete hardware for ease of assembly.
?Dedicated low CG landing gear painted in white color, minimizing wind resistance during flight and stabilizing helicopter landing.
?Quick fuselage removal design, battery access is achieve with removal of only 4 screws.
?Colorful paint scheme with 3D elements for optimal visibility during flight.

?Body length:1540mm
?Body width:265mm
?Body high:285mm
?Weight:Approx. 750g
?800 F3C Fuselage × 1
?Aluminum collar × 4
?Rear(L) Frame mounting block × 1
?Rear(R) Frame mounting block × 1
?Front Frame mounting block × 1
?Rear Frame mounting block × 1
?Front brace × 2
?Rear brace × 2
?Frame Mount × 1
?Front Frame anti-vibration mount × 1
?Rear Frame anti-vibration mount × 1
?Landing skid × 2
?Skid pipe × 2
?Skid pipe end cap × 4
?Landing Skid Nut × 4
?Magnet × 2(F8x3mm)
?Tail Boom mount foam × 1
?Tail Boom anti-vibration foam × 1
?Front frame anti-vibration foam × 2
?Rear frame anti-vibration foam × 2
?Frame mount foam × 1
?F2.5Hand drill × 1
?M3 Tap × 1
?Socket screw × 10(M3x6mm)
?Socket screw × 14(M3x8mm)
?Socket collar screw × 4(M3x22mm)
?M3 washer × 4(F3xF8x1mm)
?M3 Set screw × 4(M3x4mm)
?Special Washer × 2(F3xF8x2mm)
?Linkage ball C(M2x4) × 1(F5x9mm)
?Washer × 2(F3xF4.8x0.3mm)
?Socket screw × 2(M3x14mm)
?700N Main Rotor Housing Jig × 1
?700 Main Rotor Housing Jig × 1

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