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80A DEV Connector EC3 Male KR910005A

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Part Number:KR910005A
BATT/DEV Gilt Terminal Welding and Assembly:
Step 1:First strip the wire about the length of 5mm,then tin on the stripped wire by using 60W soldering iron.
Step 2:See above picture. Before tinning, melt the tin into the bottom about 80% full. Please note to take it slowly or it will full of the air inside to cause false welding.
Step 3:Put the stripped wire into the tin hole. Follow the above picture soldering iron from the side to heat and melt the tin to wrap the wire. Please do not to spill the tin on the outside or it will not able to be put into the blue connector.
Step 4:Wait the gilt terminal cooling, put it through the blue connector, please note the polarity. Prepare a flat screwdriver as a tool to press the terminal.
Step 5:After putting the terminal into the connector, use a small flat screwdriver to press at the end of the terminal.
Step 6:Use a tool to slightly beat the gilt terminal into the connector joint.
Step7:Check if the terminal is on a proper position. When rotating the wire, the terminal should be followed to rotate.

3.5mm connector, max continuous current:80A
•Using 12AWG wire, thermal resistance:200°C
•Total length 90mm

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