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H800 Camera Helmet HC8013

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Part Number:HC8013
Spare Parts:
?Designedspecifically for the G800 gimbal, this unique ABS constructed gimbalsphere features bright yellow color for excellent visibility, high durabilityand impact resistant, offering superior protection for camera equipment. Whenadded to T-Rex 800E aerial photography ship, this G800 gimbal sphere will incura mere 500g of additional weight. The front, back and bottom of sphere isdesigned for quick disassembly, simplifying camera installation.
?Suitable for T-REX 800E Helicopter series.
?Quick disassembly design, as long as a few screws can fast install and remove for convenient to maintenance.
? Must be tied in with G800 Gimbal (H80B001XX).
?Body length:245.7mm
?Body width:209mm
?Body high:225.7mm
?Weight:Approx. 500g
?H800 Cameral Helmet x 1 set
?Bright red front cover x 1
?Bright red cover x 1
?Bright red bottom cover x 1
?Gimbal Intensifier x 2
?Gimbal Bottom plate Aluminum Standoff A × 4(F8.9x12mm)
?Gimbal Bottom plate Aluminum Standoff B x 4(F8x17mm)
?Gimbal Bottom plate Aluminum Standoff C x 4(F8x22mm)
?Gimbal bearing block spacer-Black x 8(F5.2x13x4.5mm90°)
?Gimbal bearing block spacer-Red x 8(F5.2x13x4.5mm80°)
?Gimbal bearing block spacer-Gray x 8(F5.2x13x4.5mm70°)
?Flat Head Socket Cap Screw-Black x 2(M3x8mm)
?Socket screw-Black x 2(M3x10mm)
?Washer x 2(F3xF8x0.6mm)
?Socket Button Head Screw x 4(M3x5mm)
?Flat Head Socket Cap Screw-Silver x 4(M2.5x10mm)
?Locking nut(M2.5) x 4
?M3 CNC socket collar screw x 2
?Locking nut(M3)x 2
?Set screw x 8(M3x8mm)
?Allen wrench x 1(2.5mm)
?Allen wrench x 1(1.5mm)
?Allen wrench x 1(2mm)
?T43 thread lock x 1

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